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5 Common Electrical Hazards that Happens in a Workplace

5 Common Electrical Hazards that Happens in a Workplace

At the workplace, working around the electrical systems can be safe when the employees can identify and control the hazards. But, improper training, lack of working experience and knowledge to identify the potential hazards can result in electrical shocks or accidental death. The construction industry is very prone to consequences related to electrical hazards and that accounts to about 52% casualties at the workplace in the US. Most of these accidents are caused due to direct worker contact with power lines and machines and metallic equipment.

With the best electrical contracting services from Hilman Electric, these hazards can be identified at the right time. The electricians provide services on electric installation, repairs, testing of equipment and also various maintenance activities. Even the people who are indirectly working with electrical equipment are also exposed to various electrical hazards.

Check Out the Electrical Hazards

These Hazards Depend Upon The Line Of Work At The Industrial Sectors. Here Are Some of the Hazards Enlisted Below:

Having the Overhead Power Lines

The overhead power lines carry high voltages that can cause major burns and electrocution to the employee working at the job site. It is always better for the electrician as well as the employees to maintain a distance of about 10 feet from these power lines and nearby electrical equipment. The electrical contractor carries on-site surveys to ensure that nothing is stored under these power lines. The professional also provides safety barriers.

Presence Of Exposed Electrical Parts

Some of the examples of exposed electrical parts include temporary lightning, detached insulation equipment, and open power distribution units on the electrical cords. These hazards can create potential harm to the workers. The professional secure these items with the help of proper tools and repair the exposed parts immediately.

Overloaded Circuits and Wires

The power outlets and cords are designed to perform a limited amount of task. But, at times, lots of wires are plugged into the circuits. It results in overheating and cause hire on the Jobsite. Hence, rather than plugging too many cords inside the circuit or in one outlet, you should consult with the electrical contractor from Hilman Electric for safe alternatives to supply current.

Insufficient Grounding

Each one of the electrical equipment or device should be earthed or grounded for providing a low resistance path for the dissipation of current. Improper grounding can cause fire and electrical shocks. Ungrounded electrical equipment can be hazardous. Hence, it is very important to take safety measures to save electronics from such hazards.

Water Spill on Electrical Components

No electrical equipment should be operated in case of a water spill. Water increased the chance of electrocution if the equipment does not have proper insulation. If there is a water spill, switch off the main power connection, dry them perfectly and consult with the licensed electrician. The local electrical contractors in Sylvan Lake have experience and knowledge about the electrical hazards and how to take proper measures.

Hence, as a business owner, if you come across anyone of these above-mentioned hazards, you must consult with a licensed electrician now!