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An Insider’s Guide to Electrical Installation

An Insider’s Guide to Electrical Installation

Electrical installation in your house is important and might seem intimidating. But if you are fully aware of the entire process, you will realise how basic it is. Here you will get to learn about the basic steps of electrical installation in Sylvan Lake.

How Does a Power Move Through?

To understand how electrical installation works, you will need to know where the power is coming from. It is the electric company that sends power to your house via distribution channels, eventually passing via the meter. It then enters the panel and gets to the circuit wires. The power then passes into every outlet.

About the Meter

It is generally connected to the main power source that comes from your electric company. The meter is placed outside of your house and is ready by the electric company. The meter helps to keep track of the amount of electricity being used every month.

Main Breaker Panel

When the electricity gets passed via the meter, it reaches main breaker panel directly. The capacity and size of the breaker panel determine the maximum ampere of electricity passing through a house.

There is a breaker switch I the panel that you can turn on and off for preventing overloading, electrocution and fires. 

Circuit Wiring

The power gets carried out of the panel via a wire. The circuit wire is generally insulated with a black or red cover. The power gets returned to the panel via a neutral wire insulated with a white covering. You are recommended to use thick circuit wires to ensure safety reasons are maintained. When you notice the wire is too much hot, it could get overloaded, leading to the melting of the insulating case.

Breakers and Fuses

These are installed for ensuring safety. In the event of power overloading, either of the units gets turned off, preventing the circuit wires from getting overheated.

The Basics of Electrical Installation

With technology evolving every day, the old version of electrical installation has been out-dated, rather it requires a new range of installation. Installation of electrical stuff must:

  • Comply with the safety requirements
  • Have qualified safety components
  • Be carried out by licensed electric contractors

How Do You Check for the Quality of the Installation?

It makes sense that you get an electrical contractor for regular system audit. This is a good idea for checking the quality of your electrical installation.

For quality control, an audit is a necessary step, which can be utilized as a tool for upcoming installation requirements. Testing the electrical settings is run during maintenance. If you consider maintaining the electrical systems on a regular basis, it will help you to find out and fix the faults, if any.

How Hilman Electric Can Help?

Installing electrical system is something that one cannot conduct without having extensive knowledge in the field. We, at Hilman Electric, are an expert team of electrical contractors having expertise in commercial, industrial and residential electric service provision for years now. Whether you are a residential property owner or a commercial, we will be happy to get your job done right.