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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Transformer Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Transformer Installation

When it comes to commercial electric services, seeking professional assistance is the key. If you do not hire a team of certified and insured electricians, you could be at risk. When you employ electricians that are expert at what they do, you are ensuring safety.

If you are a commercial property owner and looking for electricians that are able to install a transformer, isn’t it a good idea to hire a professional? Hilman Electric is one of the certified teams of electricians that fulfills every criterion that a perfect electrician should have. Now for you to hire a professional and install a transformer, it is of utmost importance that you know the basics of it.

What is an Electric Transformer?

Electric transformers are basically, machines, capable;e of transferring electricity from one circuit to another, altering the level of voltage without causing any frequency change. Nowadays, they are meant to utilize AC supply, meaning that the current fluctuation has an impact upon the fluctuation in voltage supply.

Put it simply, transformers are used to improve the efficiency and safety of the power system while increasing as well as decreasing voltage if necessary. Whether it is for a residential purpose or a commercial, transformers are the way to go.


Here are the major uses in which transformers can be used:

  • Elevating or decreasing the voltage level in the AC circuit
  • Stopping the DC passage from one to another circuit
  • Separating 2 circuits of electric
  • Increasing the voltage in the event of power generation before the distribution and transmission takes place

Factors to Consider While Installing a Transformer


Electrical safety is one of the major things to consider while picking the right site where you will install the transformer. The evaluation of the land as well as the soil should be undertaken at first. Areas that are prone to seismic movement, special care should be taken in order to avoid any sort of damage that could be caused due to the movement.


Ventilation should be made properly in the area where the transformer is going to be installed. Transformers should be placed in a site having enough space, allowing the heat to dissolve fast.  


The ground wires should be protected with plastic or wood molding at least at 0.8 ft. above the pole. It has to do with electrical safety and protection of the pole line.


During humid weather, especially in the rainy season, there are more precautions to take than you think, especially when you choose a liquid-filled electric transformer. It needs the air to be dry and it should be pumped to the gaseous space for at least about 30 minutes.

How Hilman Electric Can Help You?

At Hilman Electric, we are a team of skilled personnel equipped with advanced tools to provide you with the installation of the transformer in your commercial property. If you are thinking of hiring a professional for the same, you will not regret the decision of hiring us.